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PT-35W Waterproof GPS Tracker

PT-35W  Waterproof GPS Tracker
for motorcycle, motor boat, caravan, outdoor equipments


  • IP66 casing
  • Compact size
  • Easy to install
  • SMS remote control for engine on/off
  • Panic input for emergency or anti-theft
  • Wide power supply range: 6-37 volt
  • Auto switching to sleep mode
  • Stand-by time up to 2 yrs

StarsNav waterproof GPS Tracker can be used when external power is not always available, or when long stand-by time is required, such as on motorcycles, boats, caravans, containers etc.

It can be configured to stay in sleep mode. When it is in sleep mode, it can operate for months or 2-3 years by using its own back-up battery. When the external power is connected or turned on, it will not only be back to on-line mode, but also charge its own back-up battery automatically.