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Offline Tracking

Offline Tracking

Complete Off-line Tracking Solution
cost-effective work forces and fleet management

Hardware Features
  • Using micro SD as storage method
  • Unlimited memory capacity
  • Saving complete GPS data
  • As easy as an USB flash disk
  • Operation time up to 22 hrs
Software Features
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Multi-account Management
  • Manage data from multiple data logs.
Total Mileage Calculation

Calculate total mileage from chosen start and end times

Stop Time Calculation

Calculate stop times of one or several particular data logs or one particular account.

Check Point Management

Mark check points directly on Google Maps and set stop time limitations. For example, customer offices or delivery/pick-up points can be set as check points, and the administrator can set stop time limits for each point.

Report Export

Export daily/weekly/monthly reports, such as total stop times of each check point, or total stop times of each account. For example, the administrator can have a report of the total visiting times of one client.

History Track Player

Play traveled tracks directly on Google Maps. Playing speed can be set to simulate actual traveling speed.

Search Engine
Search by account, time, speed, check point, etc.