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STR-3: GPS Antenna

STR-3: GPS Antenna
Magnetic Antenna Specifications

Stingray GPS antenna is the only innovating design antenna with performance, quality and an RF protection circuit built-in to protect the active LNA's, and most importantly the host GPS receiver down the connector end from the danger level of high power RF CW source exceeding over 1watt. The Stingray is a low profile GPS active antenna system for the next generation multi-purpose GPS mobile antenna products for Telematics, Fleet Management, Navigations and AVL applications. This small print size of the antenna design does not reflect over-all performance, since the antenna itself needs no ground plane aid to deliver the L1 band small signal carrier that originates from the 24 orbiting USA satellites located thousands of miles over-head and with the ground reception power sensitivity at over -130dB. The Stingray antenna is also design as a standard power input voltages in range from +2.5Vdc to +12Vdc with reverse polarity shutdown, over-current sense shutdown and an EMC power line suppression. The most important over-all design concept of the Stingray active antenna is the complete protections of the host sensitive GPS receiver made from any manufacturer that it serve and can also be destroy or de-grade using an improper design antenna


Narrow bandwidth: <50 MHz
Wide input power supply voltage from +2.75V ~ +12V.
RG174 double shield low loss, 2.7mm size.
Short-circuit protection as standard design.
RF protection in the front end
10 watt protection (STR-1 only)

STR-3 antenna lay- out and test report



2 Stages active LNA





Architecture Design

Dielectric Patch antenna



Low Noise Low drop-out, Linear Regulator



Low Loss RG/174 Coax cable with double shield



Aluminum Base/ PC+ Radome Plastic


Receiving Frequency

L1 Band(1575.42MHz)


Output Impedance

50 ohms



Right Hand Circular (RHC)



10dB MHz @ -3dB point



1.5 Typical @ 1575MHz


Elev. Angle Coverage

5~90 degree


Az. Bearing Coverage

360 degree



BPF <10 MHz B/W @-3dB


Over-all Gain

28dB (typical including 4dB cable loss & Filters)


Over-all NF

<1.8dB @fo, 2dB max.


LNA Characteristic

K=>1 Un-conditionally Stable


Power Input

+2.75Vdc to + 12Vdc input, Auto Switching


Power Consumption

11mA to 13mA (max)


Power Input

Reverse Polarity Short Circuit shutdown



Thermal Over-current shutdown >+150degreeC



44 x 34 x 12mm +/-0.5mm





Radome Color



Coax Connector

BNC, SMA, SMB, MCX, MMCX, GT-5, Hirose-etc.


Coax Cable

RG-174U double shielded 5m, Low Loss 0.7dB/m


Operating emperature

-30 to + 85 degreeC



-40 to + 90 degreeC


OEM Hardware

1. Open Frame Antenna , with RF shield



2. Open Frame with 3?Flanges & RF shield



3. Ant + Aluminum Base