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PT-35 Personal / Asset / Vehicle Tracker

PT-35 Personal / Asset / Vehicle Tracker

PT-35 is designed for asset, vehicle and personal tracking/security. Its features are

  1. Stand-by time up to 3 yrs (deep sleep mode)
  2. Stop-motion or movement alert/buzzer
  3. Report location at particular date/day/time
  4. External battery/solar panel interface
  5. Panic button and panic input
  6. 1 digital input, 1 analog input / digital input (configurable)
  7. Built-in speaker & microphone
  8. Optional waterproof box and I/O cable set

StarsNav’s latest GPS tracker, PT-35, is designed for vehicle, personal and asset tracking. It is a portable and compact sized device that can be carried in the pocket, hidden in the luxury goods or attached to equipment.

When it comes to asset tracking, the key factors are optimized operation and scheduled reports. PT-35’s unique timer design allows it to remain in deep-sleep mode all or most of the time. It only sends location reports according to the pre-defined schedule, this in turn optimizes PT-35’s operation times ensuring users get the most from each power charge.

Also, PT-35 has an external panic input cable that can be attached to the asset being tracked. When the cable is tampered with, PT-35 will send an alert message and start real time tracking.

Motion detection is important for the elderly or chronically ill. PT-35 has a motion sensor built-in, which is the perfect solution for stop-motion detection. This motion sensor can also be set for movement detection for asset or vehicle security.

PT-35 has a single panic button. In emergency situations the panic button is pressed, the user can then make use of PT-35’s hands-free speaker and microphone to communicate with the control centre or their emergency contacts. Also, PT-35 features a unique single-button design so that the user cannot press the wrong button accidentally.

Moreover, PT-35 can be placed in our optional magnetic base waterproof box with a large rechargeable battery, or with external I/O cable set for attaching to vehicles, such as jet-ski and snow motorcycle, in order to monitor and be powered by vehicles.

We’ve combined all the best features from our previous models with innovative designs that have never been used before in GPS tracking systems. PT-35 truly is the most advanced GPS tracking device of its kind.

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