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Mar-25: GPS Antenna

Mar-25 Marine: GPS Antenna
MAR-25 Marine Antenna
StarsNav Marine-25 GPS antenna equips innovative, high quality, performance , RF protection circuit built-in to protect the active LNA and High gain as well as value-added design at a wide range of power supplier from 3v ~ 12v for any kind of receivers.
Marine-25 GPS antenna is the ultimate performance for Marine and Networking application ¡Ketc and others who demand maximum performance and complete support. The unique and differential design for unprecedented levels of performance for any GPS applications.


Marine-25 GPS Antenna Specifications


Architecture Design

2 Stages active LNA

Dual Filters, (HPF & LPF(lump element))

RF protection (10watt), nano-second Spark-Gap

Dielectric Patch antenna

Low Noise Low drop-out, Linear Regulator


Receiving Frequency

L1 Band(1575MHz)

Output Impedance

50 ohms


Right Hand Circular (RHC)




1.8Typical @ 1575MHz

Elev. Angle Coverage

5~90 degree

Az. Bearing Coverage

360 degree


Dual(BPF<50MHz B/W)

Over-all Gain

28dB (typical including 4dB cable loss & Filter)

Over-all NF <1.8dB@fo, 2dB max.

LNA Characteristic

K=>1 Un-coditionally Stable

RF Insertions loss

0.1dB, leakage power 100m W/1 watt input

Power Input +2.75Vdc to + 12Vdc input, Auto Switching

Power Consumption


Power Input Sensor

Reverse Polarity Short Circuit shutdown

Over-Current Sensor Thermal Over-current shutdown >+150degreeC
Dimensions 79d x 58h x 13mm
Mount 13mm treaded (1/2inch)
Radome Color White
Coax Connector BNC,SMA,TNC
Coax Cable RG-58
Operating Temperature -30 to + 85 degreeC
Storage -40 to + 90 degreeC